IDA_SCAN_DISABLE or IDA_SCAN_SUSPEND commands do not work on MC92N0.

Version 4

    Verified Product Versions

    VelocityCE 1.0

    Verified Product Versions

    Wavelink VelocityCE 1.0.36

    Wavelink VelocityCE Server v1.1.021



    Wavelink VelocityCE 1.0. (AS) Client

    Wavelink VelocityCE Server ver. 1.1.021

    Apache Web Server ver. 2.2.25

    IDA Test html file [IDATEST.html] with IDA commands from MEA PSE

    Motorola MC92N0 Windows CE 7.0




    After installing Wavelink VelocityCE 1.0.36 on device Motorola MC92N0 Windows (CE 7.0) IDA_SCAN_DISABLE and IDA_SCAN_SUSPEND commands do not work.



    Motorola Mc92N0 DataWedge (version 3.7) is set to autostart and autorun which in fact prevented Velocity CE attempts to control the MC92N0 scan engine.

    DataWedge is set to AutoStart on Motorola MC92N0 Windows CE 7.0 device by default since some time ago. That wasn't always the case with Motorola/Symbol devices.

    DataWedge is there to enable the scan engine which would otherwise be disabled all the time, that is, unless an application (like Velocity CE) takes control over the scan engine itself.




    Stop (turn off) Motorola Mc92N0 DataWedge by going to Settings>Control Panel>Running=No