Hypervisors for the File Director (formerly DataNow) appliance

Version 1

    Verified Product Versions

    File Director 3.6File Director 3.5File Director 3.0File Director 2.0File Director 4.0File Director 4.1File Director 4.2


    The File Director appliance image is available on both ESXi (VMWare) and Hyper-V hypervisors for all versions File Director.



    If you specifically wish to use a XenServer hypervisor, the latest version of the File Director (formerly DataNow) appliance that you can use is 3.6 update 2. A XenServer hypervisor is not available for File Director 4.x.


    Please also consider the following information when deciding on what hypervisor to use for your File Director deployment.


    End of Life Products:



    File Director Maintenance Lifecycle:



    File Director Maintained Platforms Matrix:



    NOTE: If you wish to raise an enhancement request (for a XenServer image) for the latest version of File Director then you can do so at the following new enhancement request portal:




    The new portal allows you to quickly search for your idea to see if it already exists, vote on it and add comments or, if it doesn’t exist to easily add it for others to vote against. The portal also allows you to sign up to receive notifications against ideas to ensure that you are always aware of their status.