HEAT EMSS 8.5 is now available

Version 1

    We released EMSS 8.5 earlier today (Nov 10th). 


    The following are the key highlights for this release:

    • We've added a REST API framework for EMSS which will enable you to more easily integrate EMSS with other infrastructure and applications.
    • In response to your requests, you can now add a Custom Patch List directly to a Mandatory Baseline which makes adding content to Mandatory Baselines much easier.
    • We’ve built on the “Endpoint Display Name” feature which we introduced in EMSS 8.4 by adding an Endpoint Display Name column into the grid for all endpoint views making it much easier to manage your endpoints.
    • We’ve updated the caching proxy to use Squid version 3.5. This version has addressed a number of security vulnerabilities which existed on the previous 2.7 version.
    • We’ve added a “scan archives” option for the AntiVirus real-time monitoring policy which provides improved security by scanning archives for malware as they are copied to disk instead of waiting until they are extracted.
    • We’ve added agent support for Windows Server 2016 along with support for Microsoft SQL Server 2016.  In addition, we’ve added Ubuntu and Mac OS Sierra patch support.
    • We’ve extended the range of browsers we officially support for use with the EMSS console by adding support for both Chrome and Edge browsers.
    • We’ve also made improvements to our vulnerability (DAU) scans so these will be much faster and have a lower performance impact for most scans.

    For more information, refer to the EMSS 8.5 release notes (article 26074).


    IMPORTANT: A word of warning for customers with Red Hat 5.x and 6.x endpoints.  Do not upgrade to EMSS 8.5 if you are still using the Red Hat Network Classic (RHN) subscription model as, if you do, you will no longer be able to patch these endpoints.  You need to migrate these endpoints from the Red Hat Network Classic (RHN) subscription model to Red Hat Subscription Management (RHSM) before you upgrade the EMSS server to EMSS 8.5.


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