The HEAT Software Self-Service Portal and Knowledgebase has Moved!

Version 1

    As of October 17, 2015, please visit us at to access our Self-Service Portal and Knowledgebase.

    If you haven’t tried Self-Service or Knowledge yet, look what you’re missing:

    • The portal is available 24x7 so you can submit non-critical incidents through Self-Service at your convenience.
    • Keywords from the incident description you provide are automatically searched in our Knowledgebase and may result in you finding an immediate resolution.
    • You can adjust the Urgency of your incident when logging it through Self-Service to raise the overall Priority. Self-Service incidents can be logged as either a Priority 3 or 4. Alternatively, support requests submitted by email automatically default to a Priority 4.
    • In addition to logging new incidents, you can see the status of existing incidents, add incident notes to communicate with Support, upload attachments, and view your incident history.
    • The Knowledgebase provides access to common technical issue resolutions, "how to" articles, product release notes and non-technical information. Our Global Support team adds over 150 new articles to the Knowledgebase every month!
    • You can access Product Downloads and Documentation for our latest releases.
    • Support publishes Announcements through the portal to provide customers with important information.
    • The Cloud Change Calendar is available for Cloud customers to see the upcoming schedule.

      If you don’t have a Username & Password for our Self-Service site, please contact our Customer Care team by email or visit our contact page for a telephone number in your location.