End-of-Life Business Logic Proxies

Version 1

    With the release of HEAT DSM 2016.1 (planned for April 2016) we will cease the support of Business Logic Proxies (BLP). We encourage customers that are currently using BLPs to work with our support team to replace the BLP Server with Relay Proxy Servers or to change to a multi-BLS scenario if necessary.


    Key Benefits: updates are faster and the infrastructure is less prone for major maintenance. The migration is quick and can be carried out in production. It does not impact overall infrastructure performance. BLPs were used primarily in decentralized environments and required their own SQL database. In multi-domain environments we are recommending the use of Relay Proxies. Compared to a BLP, the Relay Proxy is lean and does not require a separate database. Instead, the Relay Proxy forwards the synchronization requests of the managed clients directly to the BLS. In single domain environments, Proxies are not needed at all as endpoints directly communicate with the BLS or Cluster of BLS.