HEAT License Manager 2015.2.1

Version 1

    HEAT Software is pleased to announce the release of HEAT License Manager 2015.2.1,  a compliance based Software License Management solution. This latest release contains the comprehensive 2015.2 release plus enhancements such as bug fixes, an updated product catalog as well as recognition catalog.

    Highlights of HEAT License Manager 2015.2.1

    • Host/Guest Relationships can now be imported into the recognition catalog using the vCenter Connector
    • Improved support for user-based metrics
    • New Connector: Active Directory
    • HEAT Data Collector: Discovery Connector and HEAT Connector have been revised
    • Bulk imports to support mass changes and mass import
    • And much more!

    Getting Started

    The product can be downloaded from our Customer Self-Service Portal.
    1. Log into the Self-Service portal using your company's login/password
    2. Go to the top right window
    3. Select HEAT License Manager
    4. Go to the Documentation Tab for all related documentation


    Prior to installing the application, please read the Getting Started Guide located in the Documentation tab.