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    Need help to remove Crystal Report parameter field prompt. The prompt is no longer needed. When I go to delete it the response is to remove it from the report first. But I can't locate it. It isn't in the Select Expert nor in the Design view.

    I believe there was a trick to finding but can't remember.

    Thanks for any help.

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    You have to open the report in Crystal Reports and then delete the field (it should be a Parameter Field). However, the value of the field will be used in the report somewhere so you will have to remove all references of this field in the report.

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    An update for future reference. Located the 'Details (Yes/No prompt)' Parameter Field under the Section Expert's Page Header and Details.

    The Suppress button is red to indicate a formula of: {?Details} = 'No' . Once this is deleted and saved the Details under the Parameter Fields is unchecked and does not prompt. It can be left there or deleted.

    Repeat this process for other report sections as necessary.
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