Disabling teams and hiding from dropdowns

Version 1

    We use HEAT across the business both as an IT/Service Desk tool and a business ticket management tool. For this reason we have lots of teams using it for different reasons; most of these stick around but others don't like the overhead that comes with having to manage a tickets. This means these (now defunct) teams still appear in owner team picklists and its got to the point where we need be able to remove teams but with the absence of a team status I had to create one.


    Not sure if this will help others but while I was writing the change it was just as easy to format it for others.


    1. First add a text field to the Standard User Team business object - I simply called this 'Disabled'
    2. Create a new validation business object - I called this 'TeamDisabledStatus'
      • Alongside the default fields add two new fields - Status (text) and Status Order (Number with a precision 0)
    3. In the validation business objects list you will then need to add the new statuses to the values link next to TeamDisabledStatus - I put Active & Disabled but you can chose anything as long as you adjust the expression below accordingly
    4. Add a new pick list - I called this 'StatusofStandardUserTeam' and pointed it at the TeamDisabledStatus business object
    5. I added a quick action to the StandardUserTeam object allowing me to quickly toggle the team status between active and disabled with this expression added to the Disabled field name - $(if Disabled == "Active"  then "Disabled"  else if Disabled == "Disabled" then "Active" else "")
      • I was then able to add a button to the 'Standard User Team' list toolbar (found in the StandardUserTeam layout) that uses the above quick action
    6. Change the Disabled field from the 1st step to use the new 'StatusofStandardUserTeam' pick list
    7. You will then need to update the teams; either manually one by one or by temporarily adjusting the above expression


    For the reasons above I also -

    - adjusted the OwnerTeam field so it ignores teams with a disabled status by setting a constraint on the validated pick list which is attached to the OwnerTeam field found in Service Requests

    - added a new favourite search to the 'standard user team' saved searches that only pulls back teams with a disabled status equal to active


    Hope this helps someone - feel free to ask any questions