LES 4.6 SR3 now available

Version 1

    Lumension Endpoint Security (LES) 4.6 SR3 is now available. You can download the new version and the Release Notes from the HEAT Customer Self-Service Portal.


    Highlights of LES 4.6 SR3

    • Provides more granular control and further eliminates the risk of keyloggers via the ability to Manage Keyboards and Mice in the same way as other devices
    • Aids in forensic investigation in the event of a security issue by logging Device Removal and Disconnect Events
    • Expands detection and policy support for USB 3.1 & NVMe SSDs
    • New optional Audit Mode feature improves implementation experience for endpoint users by shifting from a default-deny paradigm to one where administrators can configure rules and obtain feedback without blocking devices
    • Updated encryption policy support for BitLocker
    • Incorporates 7zip to support the latest archive types for compression and filtering