Configuring email templates for an email to voice message service

Version 1

    As an administrator, you might want to set up a voice message to key stake holders regarding an important issue update (Creation/ Assignment etc..) Email to voice message facility is provided by many service providers.


    Most of the the email to voice services require you to send emails with specific tags. However in HEAT, these are identified as HTML tags and converted to the output directly.


    HEAT email editor works as a normal HTML editor, therefore, it is not possible to directly send a mail with tags as it converts them during saving the email template.


    Below is how you can do this:


    1. If you want to display and show HTML code on a web page so that it is not executed, you need to convert the < and > into it's ascii equivalent of &lt; and &gt;

    2. Once this is done, add the <xmp> tags and paste it on the HTML view of your email editor.


    See below example:


    The email that will be sent out to the email to voice service will be as below.


    Email to voice service will now recognize above content in the mail sent from HEAT and execute the voice message accordingly.