HEAT Endpoint Security (ES) has Achieved CESG CPA Certification

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    HEAT Software is pleased to announce that HEAT Endpoint Security has achieved Commercial Product Assurance certification by the UK National Technical Authority - CESG, and has been successfully verified against the Software Execution Control Security Characteristic at Foundation Grade. HEAT Software is the first vendor to be awarded CESG CPA Accreditation for Software Execution Control. 




    CESG is the National Technical Authority for Information Assurance in the UK and information security arm of the UK Government Communications. With this CPA certification, the HEAT Endpoint Security solution is now recommended for all public sector and commercial organizations in the UK and NATO countries looking to bolster defenses, in accordance with CESG guidelines, to prevent the impact of all types of malware.

    The easy button compliance mode we offer with our HEAT Endpoint Security Application Control CPA Add-On is a great option for all types of organizations looking to further improve their security compliance.


    The HEAT Endpoint Security CPA Add-On is available for:

    • HEAT Endpoint Security (ES)
    • HEAT Endpoint Security Application Control (ES-AC)

    View a quick demo video of the CPA mode in action


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