Roadmap for rich text editor and other content focused functionality?

Version 1

    Greetings -


    Ive been "kicking the tires" using HEAT SaaS,  importing content that spans from plain text to rich formatted text and have run into several issues I feel are must haves in rich text editor functionality. primarily:


    1.  No UNDO feature.    I've had to make some accommodations in lieu of not having this functionality, like drafitng the formatted content in MS Word and then copy and pasting into the forms.    Any plans for this on your feature release roadmap?


    2.  Any plans to enable using JIVE in Word, SharePoint and Outline to publish drafts of content to the City's instant of SaaS HEAT?    I think its cool that youve enabled this for the community forums..but realistically,  we have a lot of content we need to reuse and copy/pasting all of this into our instance is a colossal waste of time give the state of content transformation technologies.   


    3.  Any future support for embedded content using iFrames or other code?   What about support for embedded video content? 


    4.   Hyperlinking to URL's within the rich text box seems to work intermittently.    For example,  I highlight some text,  click on the toolbar and the http:// dialog box appears.   I attempt this a second time, highlighting different text and the http:// dialog box does not appear.   I have verified this on IE,  Chrome and Firefox.