Protecting yourself from the SMB vulnerability

Version 1

    Microsoft released a security advisory that outlines newly released Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, and Windows 8 patches for older bulletins to resolve various vulnerabilities. They have also released patches for previously unsupported versions of IE.


    Microsoft has said that these patches were released to “protect against potential nation-state activity”. Below are the two official statements from Microsoft:


    They have also released a Security Advisory and KB article outlining the patches they released:


    How to protect against the SMB vulnerability.


    Microsoft have released the following security updates for Windows Server 2008 (Security Update for Windows Server 2008 (KB4024402) & Security Update for Windows Server 2008 x64 (KB4024402)), Windows XP (Security Update for Windows XP SP2 x64 (KB4024402) & Security Update for Windows XP SP3 (KB4024402)) and Windows Server 2003 (Security Update for Windows Server 2003 (KB4024402) & Security Update for Windows Server 2003 x64 (KB4024402)).


    Keep your system Up-to-date using EMSS:


    You would navigate to Review > Vulnerabilities > Critical Vulnerabilities.

    You can set your filters to show (KB4024402) however you will need to set your filter to show applicable and not patched. 

    This is showing you the content for the SMB Vulnerabilities for Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2003 & Windows XP.


    Once you select your content you would click deploy to launch the Deployment wizard and proceed to create a deployment.