HEAT KB, Downloads and Forums now on the Ivanti community

Version 5

    In January 2017, HEAT Software merged with LANDESK to form Ivanti. We have migrated the KB, Forums and Downloads to the Ivanti community to allow HEAT customers to benefit from the collaboration features the Ivanti site provides.  The Ivanti community is an established site, started in 2007, and has recently won a Top Ten Support Site award.


    Content migration:

    • Users who have created content on the HEAT Software community will be migrated to the Ivanti community along with their content. 
    • Users who have registered for the HEAT Software community but have not created any content will be invited to register for the Ivanti community.
    • Users who have already registered for both sites in the past will have their user records merged into one.


    We hope these plans will minimise any disruption that this change may cause you and look forward to seeing you on the Ivanti community soon!


    Best wishes

    Ivanti Support