(FIX) Problem 6718/6777 - Workspaces logs out, and other issues, when encountering non-standard characters in various features

Version 2

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    The use of non-Ascii Characters in Workspaces (BridgeIT) can lead to a forced logout of the user

    Know so far are:

    1. Accents in Attributes shown in Pie Charts
    2. Accents in the Name of CIs published in the Service Catalogue
    3. Searching for entries with Umlauts (ÄÖÜ) in reference list (including Raise User)
    4. Process Actions with Umlauts in the Title


    All these issues can be fixed by changing the web.config file, so that these character are no longer encoded with Percent-encoding - Wikipedia.


    This issue will be fixed in Ivanti Service Desk 2017.3. Due to the nature of the fix, a Patch (Service Update) cannot be provided by Ivanti.

    Please see next section on how to fix the issue in your environment.


    Fixing the issue

    The Fix is to add a new Application Setting

    <add key="aspnet:DontUsePercentUUrlEncoding" value="true" />

    to the web.config file of BridgeIT.

    This entry has to be added to the <appSettings> section of this file


        <add key="aspnet:DontUsePercentUUrlEncoding" value="true" />


    All Workspaces on the server will share the web.config file in the Installation folder (Default: "C:\Program Files (x86)\LANDESK\BridgeIT"). Therefore all Workspaces on the server will be fixed with this single alteration


    POC Script

    A PowerShell script has been generated to fix the issue during an automated installation.

    This Script has been attached to this Article for your reference.

    This Script is not fully tested, but did a very good job in the lab environment it had been designed for.