Xtraction Date and Time display format

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    How can I display the Date and Time in different formats in Xtraction?


    12h format.png

    Pic.1. Short month name and long year of the date and 12h format of the time displayed in Xtraction




    The setting to change the date and time display format is located in Xtraction Settings application on Xtraction Dates tab


    Snap 2017-06-29 at 10.51.41.png

    Pic.2. Format option where you can change Date and Time display in Xtraction


    24h display.png

    Pic.3. Date in short month name, long year and time format with 24h display



    There are several options you can use, manipulating them, to display the date and time format (not all the combinations are included in the list but you can use them testing your own display format). You can, for instance, change to display date in full month name, long year and 24h display format.




    'd-MMMM-yyyy H:mm tt' will give you the date and time displayed as '29-June-2017 10:18 AM'


    In the above example, 'MMMM' will give you full month name, 'yyyy' - long year format, 'H' - 24h display format, 'tt' - 'AM' or 'PM' displayed


    Few other options (please test it on your side so you can choose the display format that meets your requirements):


    'MMM' - short month

    'h' -12h display format

    'yy' - short year format


    Snap 2017-06-29 at 11.19.38.png

    Pic.4. Display format of '29-June-2017 10:18 AM'


    Snap 2017-06-29 at 11.25.09.png

    Pic.5. Date and time displayed in full month name, long year and 24h display format




    Please also make sure to do IISReset after applying the change in Xtraction Settings application and refresh the Xtraction Application page (refresh page using F5 or simply press 'Enter') so that the change will take place. Please perform IISReset after working hours not to disconnect working users.