How to Prevent a Child Process of a Personalized Application being Managed

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    You may find that a child processes is being personalised of a managed application that can lead to the application failing to sync up on close or cause unexpected behaviour for the child process.




    A typical example of this issue is add-ins within Excel for example Bloomberg.


    When Excel starts Bloomberg also launches as a add-in and in turn starts its executable.

    Environment Manager will see this as a child process and manage the application by default.

    When the user then closes Excel, the Bloomberg executable is still running. As this is still running Environment Manager will not sync excel as there is still an open Application that is part of the Application / Application group that has been configured.

    Manually killing Bloomberg will allow the Excel application group to sync as long as all applications assigned to the group are closed.


    If its identified that you do not need to Personalize the executable the following setting can be set to resolve the issue and not manage child items.


    Within Personalization select


    Application Exclusions

    You can then add the process that should not be managed if they are started as a child process of a managed application.