Shortcut Actions linked to a Mapped Network Path containing a space fail

Version 6

    Verified Product Versions

    Environment Manager 10.0Environment Manager 10.1


    Shortcuts created using Environment Manager have a blank icon and do not correctly link to the target file, the below prompt is shown; "Missing Shortcut".

    example shorcut.JPG



    The above behaviour occurs when the "Target" path or file of a Create Shortcut action contains a space and exists on a Mapped Network Drive, see the example below.

    example shorcut1.JPG

    In this scenario the Target path of the created shortcut becomes malformed as the space in the path is replaced with an underscore. The space is replaced as the Target path is not enclosed with quotation marks, as seen below.

    example shorcut2.JPG


    To resolve the issue implement one of the below solutions.


    1. Use the full UNC path of the Mapped Network Drive rather than the Mapped Drive Letter

    2. Ensure the "Target" path or file, does not contain any spaces