How to Collect an Inventory Output File of the Core Server itself

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    The below steps will guide you in how to create an inventory output file for the core server. During inventory troubleshooting Ivanti support may request an inventory output file (xxx.scn) for further troubleshooting.


    The following shows how gather a debug scan file for the core server (typically this is gathered for client systems, but in some rare instances you may need to gather a scan file of the core itself).




    1. On the core server Management Console> Configure> Services.
    2. Under Inventory tab>Advanced settings>Store scans.
    3. Change the value from 0 to 1. Click on Set and Ok.
    4. Click on Apply, LANDesk Inventory Server Service will be restarted.
    5. Find the core server in the Network view, right click and select "Delete".
      delete core.png
    6. Go to Windows services>LANDesk Inventory Server Service, restart this service.
    7. Go to the installation directory of the core server ...\Program Files\Landesk\Managementsuite\ldscan\storage, find the latest .scn file. Use notepad to open it and make sure it is for the core server.
    8. Zip up and send this file to support. Your core server should reappear in the Network View.
    9. Reset the value for Store scans mentioned in step 1-3 to 0. Save the change, your Inventory Server Service will be restarted again.


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