Customer fields are read-only after creation

Version 1

    When creating a new customer they become read-only when i create them within administration.


    Firstly you can check that the 'customer status' is not set to read only.


    The following SQL statement will set customers to not be read only once created.


    Update lc_status set lc_is_readonly = 0 where lc_name = 'Customer'


    If this has no affect, I found that clearing the cache solved the problem.


    You can backup the contents of C:\Documents and Settings\<user-name>\Local Settings\Application Data\Touchpaper  and then delete, once this has been done the customer fields should not be read only anymore.


    Further note - you will need to do an IIS reset after clearing the cache, I found that one customer had to do several IIS resets before the customer fields became writable.


    ITBM 7.2.4