Error when logging into Personalization Operations

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    Environment Manager 10.0Environment Manager 10.1



    You are presented with the below error, when logging in the Personalization Operations console;





    After configuration, the administrator must authorize users to access Personalization Operations. The administrator who is installing and configuring Environment Manager and the Personalization Server has full administrator rights to add users to Personalization Operations and assign roles and Personalization Groups to them..




    1   Login into Personalization Operations, as the Master Administrator, who performed the Personalization Server Installation.

    2   Select User roles

    Add users and groups from the Active Directory as Personalization Operations users and assign roles and Personalization Groups to them.

    3      In User Roles, click the Add icon (the plus sign).

    The Add User/Group dialog displays.

    4      To locate the user or group to add, click either:

    ·         The Search AD tab

    i        In the tab, enter the leading characters of the user or group name in the search box and click the Search icon.

    ii       In the list of results, select the user or group to add and click Next.

    ·         The Browse AD tab

    i        In the Active Directory tree, navigate to the user or group to add, select it, and click Next.

    5      To assign a role to the selected group or user, select a role from the Assign Role dropdown.

    6      To assign Personalization Groups to the group or user, select the checkbox for the relevant group in the Assign Groups list.

    If users are assigned multiple groups, an error message is displayed when they try to log in.

    7      Click Add User.

    The user is added to the User Roles page and a success message displays.