Error: Invalid signature: Expected XXXX got XXXX when attempting to sign in

Version 1

    Error message:

    Invalid signature. Expected XXXX got XXXX


    When trying to access the main Xtraction page this error message is returned. This is due to the Secret Key value changing in the web.config file for the WinAuth application that handles Windows authentication.



    Solution / Workaround:

    In order to correct this error the secret key information needs updated for Xtraction.

    1. Open the web.config file located in the folder ...\Xtraction Software\Xtraction\Web\WinAuth

    2. Location the line with the entry "xtractionAuth SecretKey" and copy the value in quotations.

    3. Open the Xtraction Settings utility and browse to the Authentication ab.

    4. Clear the current entry for the Token Key, paste the value copied from the web.config file, and press OK.

    *Note: your authentication tab may appear different depending on the version of Xtraction you are using.