How to create a custom role in User Management

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         This document addresses how to create a custom role with custom permissions in User Management. That custom role can then be applied to users and/or groups.


         Creating and assigning roles gives the user the ability customize effective rights and permissions beyond the default roles.



                   1.   Login to Ivanti Management console and navigate to Tools > Administration > User management


                   2.   Click the green plus button > select "New role..."


                    3.   When the new role is first created it will open directly to Permissions where you can:

                          a. Choose a name for the new role(1)

                          b. Select permissions by clicking the red 'X' to change it into a green check(2)

                          c. Enable or disable all permissions(3)

    Checking the Administrator permission will automatically grant all other permissions.


    For an explanation of some of the Role Based Administration (RBA) rights, refer to this document:

                   4.   You can then click Users and Groups to:

                         a. Select an existing user or group to assign the new role(1)

                         b. Add a user to assign the new role(2)

                         c. Click OK to finish


                   5.   Now that the role is created you can:

                         a. Navigate to Roles and view the permissions for the new role you have created(1)

                         b. Edit the Properties of the rule(2)


                   6. Once in Properties, one can edit permissions or the Role can be assigned to a specific User or Group.


    If a role is assigned to a Group, Users created under that group will inherit that role.

    Supplemental Information: