Adobe Reader DC Crash on upgrade to version 15 from version 10 / 11 even if not Personalized by Environment Manager

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    Verified Product Versions

    Environment Manager 10.0Environment Manager 8.6Environment Manager 10.1



    On upgrade from version 10 or 11 of Adobe Reader you may find that it starts to crash when users try to open a PDF from within a Personalised Application.




    The reason this is that by default on a 10.1 install we add Version 10 and 11 of Adobe Reader to be excluded within Application Exclusions.



    When you then upgrade to version 15, The regex's do not match and in turn Abode can be picked up as a child process. For example opening a PDF from within Outlook.


    To prevent this behaviour there are two options


    1) Simply add a further Adobe process for version 15 as below


    2) Remove the Adobe process for version 10 and 11 and replace with .* as below.

    Its not possible to edit the default process added, hence removing and replacing with a new one to match all versions.


    If you have a requirement to Personalize Adobe Reader its worth reviewing the following article if you are seeing any issues.

    Adobe Reader X*/DC crashes or hangs when personalized with Environment Manager