Missing icon for EM/AM/PM config in Programs and Features

Version 1


    When you look in Programs and Features, you see that the icon for the config is blank (see screenshot below).


    This issue can occur when the icon file for the package does not exist. To confirm this, open Regedit and go to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Installer\Products. Then look at each GUID in this key until you find the product with the missing icon. The setting called ProductIcon will contain the path to the location where the icon should be located. In the example below the icon file is called AppSenseIcon (it does not have a .ico extension) in the folder C:\WINDOWS\Installer\{57ee5c73-e262-489b-b9cd-021c8fc2b3f4}.


    If you go to that location you will probably find that the AppSenseIcon file does not exist.



    You can fix this by copying the corresponding file from another machine. Alternatively if you find that all your machines have this problem then it may be that the package did not contain the icon when it was downloaded from the Management Center. To fix this, open and re-save the config as a new version in the EM/AM/PM console, and then deploy the new version via the Management Center.