EM Agent install fails with 0x800B0100 in the MSI log

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    Environment Manager 10.1


    When trying to install the Environment Manager 10.1 Agent manually via its MSI on a Windows 7 64-bit endpoint you see it rolling back the install and it fails with a "setup was interrupted" message. You may also see the Agent fail to install in the Management Center with the code 1603 though to confirm the following behaviour you will need to try using the MSI. 



    Gathering an MSI log of the install can reveal a bit more information. To do this you can use a command similar to the following which gathers a log for a 64-bit agent install:

    msiexec.exe /i <location_of_agent>\EnvironmentManagerAgent64.msi /L*V <location_of_log>\Install.log

    Just change the information above in triangular brackets for the place the agent is running from and the location you wish to save the MSI log respectively.

    For more information on the parameters for this see the following MS article: Msiexec


    The MSI log shows the following when the AsModLdr is trying to install:

    DIFXAPP: INFO:   ENTER:  DriverPackageInstallW

    DIFXAPP: INFO:   AsModLdr.inf: checking signature with catalog 'C:\Program Files\AppSense\AsModLdr\AsModLdr.cat' ...

    DIFXAPP: ERROR:  Signature verification failed while checking integrity of driver package 'AsModLdr.inf' ('C:\Program Files\AppSense\AsModLdr\AsModLdr.inf'). (Error code 0x80096002: The certificate for the signer of the message is invalid or not found.)

    DIFXAPP: INFO:   Successfully removed '{7EB96FC8-C846-4F8B-9A6C-47D3DC8AC2ED}' from reference list of driver store entry ''

    DIFXAPP: INFO:   RETURN: DriverPackageInstallW  (0x800B0100)

    DIFXAPP: ERROR: encountered while installing driver package 'C:\Program Files\AppSense\AsModLdr\AsModLdr.inf'

    DIFXAPP: ERROR: InstallDriverPackages failed with error 0x800B0100

    DIFXAPP: RETURN: InstallDriverPackages() 2148204800 (0x800B0100)



    This issue is seen if a Windows 7 64-bit endpoint does not have the required prerequisite Windows Updates installed. These updates would be:


    KB3020369 (prerequisite for KB3125574)


    For further about v10 agent requirements please see:

    Security Updates required to install UWM Agents