How to customize the login page after HEAT SM 2015.1

Version 1


    At this moment it is not possible customizing the logo for the login page. In previous versions it was possible modifying the file "login.aspx", but this option is no longer working after HEAT SM 2015.1, but we can use the following workaround.


    Please edit the following page (please make a backup first): C:\Program Files\FrontRange Solutions\HEAT\AppServer\MVC\Views\Account\_LoginLayout.cshtml
    We could change the lines 35 and 36, where the class named "logo" defines the image, and the next one shows the desired text. As an example:

    and the result could be:

    You can modify the class for the header using your own style.
    The new logo file should be placed in C:\Program Files\FrontRange Solutions\HEAT\AppServer\images