Standard Report Groups

Version 3

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    Endpoint Manager 9.6Endpoint Manager 2016.xEndpoint Manager 2017.x


    The purpose of this document is to provide information on each of the standard report groups found within Ivanti Endpoint Manager. Ths list should assist in narrowing down which of the standard, ready to use, reports would be useful within your environment.


    Note: For a detailed description of each report within these group, this information will be listed within the UI once a group is selected from Tool >Reporting/Monitoring > Standard Reports.


    Report Groups


    Agent Watcher: Houses reports of devices where Endpoint Manager required services are not running, or where monitored files are not found.


    Benefit Analysis: Contains reports of devices upon which remediations took place, patches were deployed, remote control was used, and software was distributed.


    Content Replication: Presents reports of replication tasks and preferred servers, replicators, and sources.


    Distribution Status: Provides reports for delegated tasks, and reports of software delivered by device and task status.


    Download Statistics: Contains reports of downloads by type, and downloads over a time period.


    Hardware Password Manager: Presents reports and audit information of devices with hardware password manager enabled.


    Inventory: Contains thirty (30) reports concerning various inventory information.


    Power Management: Presents reports of power management alerts, coverage, and historical data.


    Remote Control: Provides a summary or detailed reports of managed devices which were remotely controlled.


    Security: Reports for various security tools including antivirus, blocked applications, compliance, custom definitions, host intrusion prevention, Management Suite updates, security threats, spyware, and vulnerabilities.


    Software License Monitoring(SLM): Eleven (11) license specific reports including group software costs, products installed but not used, various views of software usage, and various views licensing compared to use.


    Unmanaged Devices: Presents reports of devices discovered across the enterprise.


    Vendor: Reports on HP specific devices including battery, point-of-sale, power consumption, and secure erase provisioned status.