Release Notes for GoldMine

Version 2


    Release notes for GoldMine 9.2.1 build 92



    GoldMine Premium Edition, Version 9.2.1 build 92, Updated November 16, 2012


    GoldMine Premium Edition now supports Microsoft Windows 8 Pro and Enterprise editions.

    GoldMine Premium Edition now supports Microsoft Windows Server 2012.


    Data import is now enabled when a product evaluation license is in use.

    To assist in troubleshooting issues with synchronization, a verbose logging option now provides additional information.  To enable verbose logging for synchronization, add the following setting to the GM.ini file:


    ShowLogging=0: logging is off (default)
    ShowLogging=1: logging is on


    Note:  GoldMine Premium Edition 9.2.1 also provides the fixes and enhancements included with GoldMine Premium Edition 9.2.0, listed below.

    Issue Number Title
    167373 Duplicate fields created upon upgrade if UTwitter, UFacebook, or ULinkedin already exist in the database
    165998 Some e-mails appear blank
    165376 Some -emails corrupted after being downloaded into GoldMine
    164095 E-mails sent via Automated Process with Merge for option set to User who Attaches this Process will queue/send for   wrong user if more than one user has same e-mail address
    164054 Unable to send transfer set to e-mail address when sending Transfer set via GoldSync Service
    161317 Anti-virus products from ESET may conflict with the operation of GoldMine Plus for Microsoft Outlook 
    161178 Windows 7 Display setting other than Smaller causes part of some windows to be non-viewable
    160573 Merge/purge "Prompt me before merging records" causes GoldMine shuts down or become non-responsive if there is   a large number of matches
    159917 Error message returned when creating a transfer set:  18 - File could not be found or no read permission
    159090 Merge to All/Filter/Group fails when document template is protected
    158313 Lack of [Internet] section In username.ini file causes attachments to e-mails linked from Outlook to GoldMine to not   be copied to Attach directory or noted in RFC822 field.
    158231 Object reference error appears in Outlook
    157812 Incorrect alarm dates set for recurring activities with no end date
    157777 E-mail from additional contact displays the primary contact info after linking in Outlook
    157542 User is not prevented from entering more than 40 characters in Resolution Type field
    157531 When trying to 'Move' a linked document with Preview Pane open, operation fails without error
    157480 Some buttons (Activate, Release, Properties, Delete) become inactive when scrolling in the filter list beyond the set   limit of list items to be displayed
    157280 Runtime error. Pure Virtual Function Call. R6025 when scheduling a Forecast immediately after filing an e-mail
    157172 Box to set auto-linking in Outlook becomes unchecked
    155291 Spelling error in hint text when creating contact in Outlook 
    153201 Cannot link Outlook e-mail message to Projects and Cases if the message is from a contact related to the Project or   Case, but not as the primary contact
    151298 When creating a new contact record via Outlook integration, US phone number format is always applied to 10-digit   phone numbers
    150334 After completing an activity at the top of the activity list it will jump to the bottom of the list
    149809 Not all closed activities are displayed in the activity list when initially launching GoldMine
    149355 Cannot replace existing e-mail address when adding an e-mail address to a contact from Outlook
    149186 Information entered to Linking Exclusions tab truncated to first 20 characters 
    147850 Save button inactive when removing the only or last Linking Exclusion via Outlook >> Setup GoldMine Plus
    147269 Error message when selecting Notes as the search field in the Contact Search Center which using secondary contact   set.
    146759 After the GoldMine E-mail Center is refreshed, an e-mail message under review in the preview pane will be   re-positioned to the top of the message
    146731 Error message appears when working in e-mail center with IMAP account
    145674 Template drop down list in the Outlook new e-mail screen is not alphabetically ordered
    145665 Project list view shows duplicate values for custom fields in list view
    144386 With ESET Anti-Virus installed, exiting Outlook generates repeated Add-in-Express errors
    144255 Deletions of activities in Outlook are not synchronized into GoldMine when the user does not have deletion rights
    141172 Opportunity dashboard only shows Closed opportunities when the all group is chosen, after upgrade from version 6.7
    140004 When shrinking the e-mail preview window, this setting is not saved once close the window or you exit GoldMine
    136079 If e-mail subject line is long in incoming Outlook e-mail, sender is not recognized as an additional contact.
    135939 When printing an e-mail linked via the Outlook integration, the Outlook integration fields appear on the printed e-mail
    132477 E-mail attachments linked via the Outlook link with Special characters in the name do not display in the e-mail when   viewed in GoldMine
    131236 Error when adding note when the Accountno field in the database contains an apostrophe (‘)
    130884 Web mail delivery error message does not display correctly in GoldMine
    128681 Intermittent problems with record sorting after switching the Sort By field
    126589 Unable to paste into the Service Center using Ctrl + V
    123873 Cannot enter instance-specific notes or change other fields on a pending activity that is scheduled for multiple users,   multiple contacts, or recurring
    123269 Obsolete DLL file on system results in object reference error when trying to link a message in Outlook
    122798 When a group member is deleted, cursor focus moves to the top of the member list
    120829 Adding Conthist->Notes to a History report will only print the first 10 characters of the notes field
    113428 Use large font feature is not consistently applied to all areas
    107197 Pop-up when selected option causes F2 lookup screen to be intrusive in the CSC when clicking on different tabs and   clicking back to CSC
    105938 Spell checker in E-mail Center does not respect the 'Ignore Domain Names' setting
    104496 Adding Cal->Notes to a Calendar report will only print the first 10 characters of the Notes field


    GoldMine Premium Edition now supports Microsoft SQL Server 2012.

    LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Google integrations are now provided through the GM+View tab.  New GM+View templates are provided to use these integrations:

    Facebook Profile shows the Facebook profile page for a contact
    Facebook Company Search shows Facebook pages matching a contact’s company 
    Facebook Contact Search shows Facebook profiles matching a contact’s name
    Google Company Search shows web search results for a contact’s name 
    Google Contact Search shows web search results for a contact’s company
    Google Directions shows directions to the contact’s address from the address registered for the GoldMine license, shown at Help > Update GoldMine > Registration
    Google Map shows a map of the contact’s address
    LinkedIn Profile shows the LinkedIn profile page for a contact
    LinkedIn Company Search shows LinkedIn pages matching a contact’s company
    LinkedIn Contact Search shows LinkedIn pages matching a contact’s name
    Twitter Company Search shows Tweets with keywords matching a contact’s company
    Twitter Contact Search shows Tweets with keywords matching a contact’s name
    Twitter Profile shows the contact’s Twitter timeline

    An Import feature is now available at Web > Setup GM+View > Import to enable the new GM+View templates to be added to an existing installation.  These templates are available through Drivers and Downloads at  After a template has been imported, it will be available to users through the GM+View tab.  If you do not see the GM+View tab under a contact record, go to Tools > Options > Record > Tabs and check “GM+View”.  Then open a contact and click the down-arrow button that is on the row of tabs beneath the fields area (see below), and select “GM+View”.

    When viewing the GM+View tab, you can select a template using the drop-down list shown in the upper right corner of the tab area.

    During the upgrade, the following new fields are added to the GoldMine database:  UFACEBOOK, ULINKEDIN, and UTWITTER.  These fields track the corresponding identifiers for contacts using each of these services.  Administrators can add these fields to a contact fields view by right-clicking and selecting New Field, and then selecting one of these fields from the drop-down list.
    UFACEBOOK contains the Facebook username.  To find the Facebook username for a contact, view the contact’s profile page in Facebook and copy the text displayed in the browser’s address bar after “”
    ULINKEDIN contains the LinkedIn ID.  To find the LinkedIn ID for a contact, view the contact’s profile in LinkedIn and copy the number shown in the browser address bar after “id=”.
    UTWITTER contains the Twitter username, without the “@” symbol.  


    The edit screens for scheduled and completed activities now include a button that that enables the user to see Notes displayed in a larger, re-sizable window.

    GoldMine Plus for Microsoft Outlook now supports the use of a GoldMine database with a secondary contact set.

    Outlook synchronization screens have been update to clarify the behavior when synchronizing activities within a date range and a contact filter or group.


    Note:  GoldMine Premium Edition 9.2.0 also provides the fixes and enhancements included with GoldMine Premium Edition 9.0.0, GoldMine Premium Edition 9.0.1, GoldMine Premium Edition 9.0.1 Hotfix 1, GoldMine Premium Edition 9.0.2, GoldMine Premium Edition 9.0.3, GoldMine Premium Edition 9.0.4, and GoldMine Premium Edition 9.0.4 Hotfix 1, listed below.

    ID # Issue Description
    163595 When adding Site to GoldSync Site Group, Sites (Sub-licenses) are not ordered alphabetically
    163593 Times are always shown in 24 hour format, regardless of local time format option 
    163572 GoldMine License Manager does not order GoldSync Sites alphabetically
    163361 JavaScript error appears when changing view in Outlook 
    163291 If an Opportunity has a single associated pending Forecasted Sale, then update to Probability of one should   automatically update Probability of other
    162761 When NTLM authentication is selected, configuration screen incorrectly shows username and password fields
    160828 E-mails with Base64 encoding are not displayed correctly when using Exchange
    160473 Double-arrow button does not hide contact details when clicked
    158960 To-do Reference column in Calendar week view does not show contact name
    158956 Event date is not shown in Calendar week view
    156623 GoldMine crashes upon launch via Terminal Services with KB2533623 installed on Windows Server 2008
    154965 Body of e-mail is blank when auto-linking e-mail from Outlook 2010
    154821 Performance issue in Outlook when there are many e-mail folders
    152570 When performing a two-way sync with Outlook, calendar items linked to records with no contact name become   unlinked in GoldMine and lose the company name in Outlook 
    150704 Linked Document move fails for mailbox attachments outside root directory
    145929 New e-mails that are auto-retrieved to the Inbox will not display until user scrolls the screen  
    145920 Auto-retrieve in E-Mail Center reverts to default sort order by Date
    145570 Merge and Edit will leave a copy of the template file in My Documents for the logged in user
    145391 A field level conttlog is not created/updated if a user changes the data in the field but the lookup.ini instructions do not   update the newly entered data.  
    143641 The Synchronization tab does not display in the Setup GoldMine Plus options for non-master users
    122581 Option to use a later Start Time is not respected when executing Automated Processes 
    115324 Printing a document using a filter does not respect the sort order that is set in the filter
    109845 Print merge order is inconsistent for large contact groups
    108886 Export from Excel to GoldMine creates incorrect relationship trees