Where is the password for Web Import stored?

Version 1


    The Web Import processes are protected with passwords to allow import of only authorized incoming instruction files. This prevents unauthorized persons from sending e-mail messages and inundating a GoldMine system with unwanted data. A password is always required to use Web Import. The incoming instruction file will not be processed if it does not contain a password or if it contains an invalid password. 

    The Web Import authorization password is set at the top of the Web Import Profiles dialog box.
    A password must be set before the Web Import functions are made available.

    1. With Master Rights

    2. Web > Setup Web Import...

    3. Set password in Web Import authorization field

    Where is the password for Web Import stored?



    The Web Import password is stored in the GoldMine system’s GM.INI in the section [WebImpPassword] 


    Please keep in mind that the password is stored in plain text and not encrypted.