Self-Service Template URL not clickable in the Description field

Version 1


    An URL in your Self-Service Template is not working - you've added the URL with <a href> tags to the Description field in the Self Service Form and the URL is not clickable. URL does work when copying/pasting into browser. 

    The steps below go over how to make a button hold your URL for easier/quicker navigation to your specified website on any form. 



    Using the URL Button will allow the user to click the button and the website will open in a new tab. 

    To add this to your form (as an example, we are using the self-service layout):

    Go to Incident Business Objects
    Go to Form
    Go to WebSelfService.New
    Expand the "other" folder
    Click and drag the URL Button control over to the form.
    Under Control Properties, you can change the Name and height, width, etc. 
    Under the URL field, enter your url (without brackets)