List (Grid) in target tenant differs from source tenant

Version 1


    A List/Grid has been updated in STG and pushed to UAT/PRD. 

    The List in the target tenant differs from the source tenant. 
    The List in the target tenant has not been updated and still shows the previous version of the List. 




    Changes to a List made in the Admin UI will take effect if the user has not customized the List. 

    Once the end user has customized their List settings, changes made by the Administrator will not override these. 

    Each user can click the 'Reset List Personalization' arrow under the List to see the latest updates to the List. 

    Alternatively the Administrator can reset all grids for all users from the Admin UI.

    1. Log in to the tenant with the Administrator role
    2. Go to Configure Application
    3. Go to User Interface Styles > Grid Settings
    4. Click 'Remove All User Options'

    This clears all personalized grid settings for all users.