Emails received in Outlook show message headers in the body

Version 1


    When an email is sent from the HEAT Cloud tenant and received by the Admin, the message body contains the From:, To:, CC:, BCC: and Subject headers at the top of the email body.

    Why does this happen and how can it be disabled? 



    This happens when the 'Email Address Override' is specified on the Email Config, usually on a STG/test tenant. 

    The recipient receives the email with the original email headers in the body so that the values can be verified. 

    To disable this behaviour you can remove the email address from the 'Email Address Override' field. 

    - Log in to the tenant with the Administrator role
    - Go to the Email Config workspace
    - Optionally, check the 'Block Outgoing Email'  checkbox to prevent unwanted emails being sent out
    - Clear the 'Email Address Override'  field
    - Save