How to reference Service Request Offering field values in Approval Vote Tracking emails

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    Is there a way to get the values entered into the parameters of a Service Request to be displayed in an approval Vote Tracking email?

    For example, I have a request offering with the requester and application name on it, and I want to pull this through into the email that gets sent for approval... without creating new fields on the Service Request object itself, then updating those from the workflow.




    You can place Service Request parameters into the Approval Vote notification using the following format:

    $(GetSRPValue(PrimaryParentRecId, "Requester"))

    Where Requester is the Unique ID of the parameter field. 

    Since by default the Approval Vote notification is sent for all offerings that use Approval, you will need to be aware of which Unique IDs exist for which offerings; you may want to standardize the format of the Unique IDs so all notifications can print the Requester, for example, or you may want to make special unique IDs for one specific offering, so it is the only one that populates those values in the email. 

    Also please note that you should not change the Unique ID on a field if the offering is already published and in use, as it will cause issues in the older records.