User receiving, "Dataset not in edit or insert mode" error in GoldMine

Version 1


    User receiving, 'Dataset not in edit or insert mode' error in GoldMine Error

    - Appears repeatedly throughout the affected user's GoldMine session > clicking "ok" will dismiss the error
    - Will generally appear when the user accesses the GoldMine email center. 
    - Generally there is no application crash or data loss that corresponds with this error.



    The below steps are provided only as a final possibility when more detailed investigation is not possible (for example time constraints), it is absolutely not recommended to re-set the USER.INI via this way as a lot of settings will be lost and may be reset. Also usually the user is requested on the first attempt to download emails to provide the mailbox password 

    NOTE: The following resolution is a workaround. Copying and pasting of the [Internet] section will retain the affected user's GoldMine email settings. Other settings within the graphical user interface (GUI) and will need to be reset (for example. visible contact record tabs, number of recently viewed contact records, etc). 

    1. Log out of GoldMine as the affected user
    2. Browse out and locate the affected users.ini file on the GoldMine server > GoldMine root directory
    3. Open, search and copy the '[Internet]' section within the file
    4. Close and rename the file (for example <user name>old.ini)
    5. Log in and back out of GoldMine as the affected user to recreate the .ini file
    6. Locate, open and paste the [Internet] section into the new .ini file
    7. Close and save
    8. Log back into GoldMine