Forced logout seems not working correctly; if both 'When idle for x minutes' and 'Forced logout only after this time:' are selected only the 'Forced logout only after this time' seems to be respected.

Version 1


    1. Tools > User's Settings
    2. Open Properties for a certain user
    3. Check the 'Forced log out time:' check-box, select 1 minutes in 'When Idle For' field and for example 6:00 pm in 'Forced Logout Only after this time' field.
    4. OK > OK > Close User's Settings
    5. Let the user login at 3:00 pm and let the user wait (with not performing any actions within GoldMine for 2 – 3 minutes

    The user is not logged out after the set idle time
    Why is this the case?



    By intention of GoldMine when choosing this setup GoldMine will log off the user automatically ONLY when the set idle time criteria is met after the set time.

    This lets the
    a. GoldMine user leave GoldMine idle for the set amount of minutes prior the set time, for example when the user has meetings or is off for lunch without being logged off automatically.
    b. GoldMine User be logged off automatically
    when the the idle time is met, only after the Forced log out time has passed (for example 6:00pm when the users finishes work).

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