Error opening the bpml package in the BPDesigner in 6x

Version 1


    When opening your bpml package in the BPDesigner you get an error message:

    Error opening file "PackageName.bpml" Schema element definition couldn't be found: bows:GetRelatedResponse



    - The \FrontRange Solutions\Service Management\BPEngine\config\FusionBOWS.xsd file had been overwritten with the Fusion.xsd data. 

    - This can sometimes happen when generating a new schema file via the FRS Administrator and selecting the FusionBOWS.xsd file to overwrite instead of selecting the Fusion.xsd. 

    - If this occurs, you can find the "out of box" FusionBOWS.xsd file in the \FrontRange Solutions\Service Management\FusionBows directory.
    - Copy this file and use it to replace the "corrupt" one in the \BPEngine\Config folder
    - Reload the file by running the BPDesigner and going to  File > Import
    - Import the new FusionBOWS.xsd file by clicking the ellipsis.

    - Once the original FusionBOWS.xsd file is loaded, this error should go away when you open your bpml package in the BPDesigner.