Configure Search Defaults when Linking CI.

Version 1



    How to set a default search when performing the following actions in the application.

    Open Incident Object.

    ·         Select CI Tab.

    ·         Select Link button.


    In the displayed dialog customer requests that the search be defaulted to “where CI >> Name >> Contains >>    “



    There appears to be no administration function to default the search settings.



    You should be able to save the drop downs as a Default.  To do this:
    A.  Go to Incident and select the CI tab.
    B.  Click Link.
    C.  When the Search window opens,
              1.  Select the Field of "Name"
              2.  Select operator of "Contains"
              3.  Enter some default value to search (required for some reason)
              4.  Click the "Save Search as Default button.