How to allow Reassigning Acknowledged Tasks

Version 1


    Customer needs the ability to reassign acknowledged and assigned tasks to other Teams but cannot find where to do this.



    Make the following changes on the Task.Assignment as well as all the parent objects. 

    For the Parents, repeat the similar steps below:
    Open the Incident Business Object in Configure Application
    Click on Layouts
    Select the Appropriate layout
    Click on FormView
    Scroll down to the Task.Assignment child panel
    Click on the Toolbar link
    Double click on the Reassign button
    Click on the Advanced tab and make the following change to the Disabled Expression:
    $(if Status == "Logged" || Status == "Assigned" ||
         Status == "Acknowledged"
      then false
      else true)
    Save the Layout
    Refresh the Browser 
    Repeat on necessary layouts