How to re-enable GoldMine alerts "Suggested actions"

Version 1


    You wish to re-enable the "Suggested actions" GoldMine alerts. This change is often used when running GoldMine database maintenance.


    The steps below must be implemented on a user by user basis in the user.ini file.  
    Prior to attempting this, please make a backup copy of the user.ini file.

    1. Log the affected user out of GoldMine
    2. Navigate to the Goldmine directory on the server where the user.ini files are held.
    3. Make a backup copy of the user.ini
    4. Open the user.ini file with Windows Notepad or another text editor application.
    5. Search for: [Warning]
    6. Delete the [Warning] Section including the [Warning] header and all entries below but, do not clear the next bracketed section or any other items.
    7. Save the user.ini file.
    8. Log in as the user; they will now have all "Warnings, Suggestions, etc".