[GMWEB / GMME] How do I control the log out time for GMME or GMWEB?

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    How do I control the log out time for GMME or GMWEB?


    The time out setting is controlled by a setting located in the web.config file, it can not be changed from within GMPE or GM Connect.  To adjust this setting please use the following instructions.

    1) Locate the Web.config file for GoldMine Connect.  If you have installed GM Connect to a default location, you can file this at "C:\Program Files (x86)\GoldMine Connect"
    2) Open this file using a text editor such as the Windows Notepad.
    3) Inside the Web.config, locate the following sections "<sessionState timeout="30"></sessionState>"
    4) By default the setting is "30" which is 30 minutes, changed this value to your desired time out.  Note the limit here is 99 minutes or 1 minute.   

    Note: it is suggest this value should never be less than 5 minutes, and no longer than 60 minutes.

    5) Once you have updated this value, please save the file.
    6) This setting becomes active the next time the user signs in to either GMME or GMWEB.