Emails are being sent with the wrong From: email address

Version 1


    Emails are being sent with the incorrect "From:" email address. 

    The From email address set in the 'Send Email' action is being ignored ([email protected]). Instead, the email address in the Email Config used to authenticate the SMTP connection is always used ([email protected]).

    The Email Config is using the SMTP Host:
    This may affect other email providers too. 




    When you use to send email you authenticate with a Google account. This could be a standard Google Mail (GMail) account or a Google Apps account (also known as "Google Apps for Domains" or "Google Apps for Work"). 

    The Email Config is configured to authenticate with the account's Primary email address, e.g. [email protected]

    In order to send mail using a different From: address, e.g. [email protected], the authenticating account ([email protected]) needs to be configured to allow it to send email on behalf of ('Send mail as') the alias address, e.g. [email protected]

    If the primary email account ([email protected]) is not authorised to send email as the From: address specified ([email protected]) then Gmail overwrites the From: address with the authenticating user email address ([email protected]). 

    Google provides a knowledge article on how to send mail from a different address or alias: 

    If you need further assistance configuring this talk to your email administrator.