Emails are being sent with the wrong From: email address

Version 1


    Emails are being sent with the incorrect "From:" email address. 

    The From email address set in the 'Send Email' action is being ignored ( Instead, the email address in the Email Config used to authenticate the SMTP connection is always used (

    The Email Config is using the SMTP Host:
    This may affect other email providers too. 




    When you use to send email you authenticate with a Google account. This could be a standard Google Mail (GMail) account or a Google Apps account (also known as "Google Apps for Domains" or "Google Apps for Work"). 

    The Email Config is configured to authenticate with the account's Primary email address, e.g.

    In order to send mail using a different From: address, e.g., the authenticating account ( needs to be configured to allow it to send email on behalf of ('Send mail as') the alias address, e.g.

    If the primary email account (support@) is not authorised to send email as the From: address specified ( then Gmail overwrites the From: address with the authenticating user email address (support@). 

    Google provides a knowledge article on how to send mail from a different address or alias: 

    If you need further assistance configuring this talk to your email administrator.