Contact Search Center (CSC) ignores blanks after a value when searching with 'begins with' if no further character is added

Version 1


    - having 4 contact records with lastname Sand, Sand jr., Sands and Sandtuch within GoldMine
    1. Open CSC (Contact Search Center) e.g. via double click on Last name label
    2. if applicable set operator to Begins with
    3. enter 'Sand' (without quotes)

    >> Expected result:
    All 4 contact records are displayed as all of them fulfill the set condition Last name begins with 'Sand'

    >> Actual result:
    as expected

    4. add a further blank to Sand >> 'Sand ' (without quotes) e.g. searching for Sand jr.

    >> Expected result:
    ONLY the record 'Sand jr' is displayed as result as this is the only record fulfilling the condition last begins with 'Sand '

    >> Actual result:
    Still all 4 contact records are displayed although 'Sand', 'Sands' and 'Sandtuch' do NOT fulfill the set condition Last name begins with 'Sand '


    [CAUSE]although it may appear strange for end users or even wrong, but the behavior is intended as - a blank is added accidentally very quickly via the space bar on the keyboard - when the screen is left e.g. scrolling though the result list or going to a different tab the added blank is not visible anymore - the search would not find any contact records with only the last name (from below example only Sand) which is often undesired.  >> related to all these considerations were the underlying reason that the underlying SQL query 'simply ignores' the space
    until a further character is added into the search like below 'Sand j' (this can also be seen when the SQL Query view is activated)
    [RESOLUTION]If the users really want to search for the blank without adding a further character, they should be advised and trained to use
    the following search term instead
    'Sand %' (without quotes)  >> this will acknowledge the blank also in the underlying SQL query and give the original expected result from the above example.