How to Auto Close Incidents after X business days

Version 1


    You need to auto close resolved incidents after three business days. Out of the box the default is seven days.


    This functionality is built into HEAT using an Escalation Schedule. 

    1) Create a Quick Action that will close an incident. One is already provided out of the box called 'Auto Close'. You may need to adjust this to suit your needs, especially if you have additional required fields that may not contain a value at the time the Incident is resolved. 

    2) Decide which Hours Of Operation (HOP) you will use. 

    3) Decide what should happen to the clock if an Incident comes out of Resolved and back to Active. When it is Resolved again, should the clock carry on where it left off ('Run') or should it start again from zero ('Reset and Run')? 

    - Go to Configure Application > Escalation Schedules. 
    - Open the provided 'Incident - Closing' schedule. 
    - Click 'Edit Schedule' and note that the schedule is paused in most states (as the incident is being managed), runs when Status is set to Resolved and is Completed when Closed. 
    - Based on your decision in 3) above, set the Clock Action for 'Resolved' appropriately (Run vs. Reset and Run). 

    - Save any changes or click Cancel. 
    - Select the 'Incident - Closing' line and click Set Thresholds. 
    - Check 'Schedule is enabled'
    - Set Target Duration to 3 days
    - Select your HOP
    - Select your Quick Action

    - Click OK

    Now when an incident is set to Resolved the clock starts ticking. 3 days later (based on HOP and exceptions) the clock will complete and run the Quick Action, which will close the incident.

    Note: If you need more granular control over closure criteria you can add Exceptions, which will appear as separate lines under Incident - Closing.