How to create a Incident's Advanced Search filtering by the Journal.Notes Category field

Version 1


    The Journal.Notes added to an incident are categorized, and perhaps we need to make a research within them filtering by that category. For example, we need to search the incidents that include a "Customer Complain", and by default there is no way to add that field to the advanced search, as the only Journal's "Category" fields available is the one of the Journal's itself, and it does not contain the same values that the Journal.Notes.  This article shows how to add that field to the advanced search and then use it to perform the search.


    For this specific case there is no  direct relationship that allows us to perform that search, so we would  need to add the following relationship in the Incident business object:

    Once added, we could use the Journal.Notes Category field within the advanced search:

    And filter for one of the values of the validation list