Can I add an exception to the new Incident email notification triggered action?

Version 1


    We would like to set the automatic notification to the customer not to fire when this is a First Call Resolution. I don't see any way to restrict the performance of a triggered action - I need to trigger on insert only if the FCR flag is not set.



    1.     1.  Launch Administrator (or Configure Application) and go to Business Objects.

    2.     2.  Select Incident and then click on Business Rules, expand the Triggered Actions list and edit the "ForNewIncidentNotification" rule.

    3.     3.  Change the Event to "On Initialization of a Specific Field".

    4.     4.  Select the FirstCallResolution field.

    5.     5.  Select "is set to" and type in a value of False.


    6.     6.  Save the changes and go back to the application, create a new Incident and save without setting FirstCallResoltion, email should be sent.  Create a second Incident and prior to saving check the box for FirstCallResolution.  Refresh of the Incident should show that the email was not sent.