How to create a GoldMine WebImport script

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    How to create a GoldMine WebImport script



    1. In GoldMine, click Web menu > Setup Web Import (The Web Import Profiles screen appears)

    2. Select a password that GoldMine will use to accept the WebImport > Save

    3. Click the New button under Web Import Profiles and provide a name for the profile and press Enter (The GoldMine WebImport Script Generator will appear in a webpage (See step #4).

    4. The Step 1 screen appears. Select which fields you are using and managing duplicate checking for > click Next

    5. On the Step 2 screen, provide the email address that GoldMine will use to retrieve email in GoldMine. 
    6. The SMTP Server is the ISP sending server your ISP will use to send the email to GoldMine.
    7. Select your scripting language in the drop down.
    8. Make other selections as described on the screen > Next
    9. On the Step 3 screen you can choose to use raw HTML or use a template > Next
    10. On the Step 4 screen you can send a copy of the code to any email address you wish, at this point click the "Send an email" button and you now have the opportunity to download the zip file containing the code and page directly. 
    - GoldMine Support supports only the webimport scripts generated in the WebImport Script generator, if the scripts are injected into a custom web page or you are using your own scripts is outside the GoldMine Support scope of support.
    - For more information regarding WebImport, please see the GMPE Administrators Guild which is available via the product support site.  Additionally, your GoldMine Solutions Partner, can assist with customization such as this as well.