Email printouts are truncated on the left or right or do have wrong margins

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    Email printouts are truncated on the left or right or do have wrong margins

    1. Open an email in reading mode
    2. Right Click >> Actions >> Print Pages
    3. Select for example Pages >> (only first) 1
    4. Print
    >> RESULT: The printout is truncated on the left side (might be also truncated at the top, bottom or right)


     - All areas within GoldMine where HTML is used or will be displayed relies usually on the Microsoft (R) HTML viewer  application extension from Internet Explorer. (please refer to related Knowledge Article # 17512 for further information)
    - The underlying DLL-file is mshtml.dll and is available
    a. On Windows 32-bit systems in %WINDIR%\SYSTEM32 folder
    b.  On Windows  64-bit system in %WINDIR%\SYSWOW64 folder (this file exists  also on Windows 64-bit systems in the %WINDIR%\SYSTEM32 folder but this  is the -bit component and not used by GoldMine)
    -  The specific used printer's preferences should be verified, many times the behavior is related to the underlying Internet Explorer >> Page Setup settings (here especially the Margins Settings)

    Additional Note:

    Information for this article were primary taken from the following websites and therefore provided by GoldMine Technical Support only as-is and without any warranty of any kind as these are not GoldMine specific settings. Please keep in mind that any non GoldMine or non Heat Software links are only provided as-is and content and availability may change at any time without any notice

    - Please keep in mind that any changes in these settings also apply to printouts of web sites from Internet Explorer
    1. Open the Internet Explorer
    2. ALT + F (this opens the Internet Explorer menu even if not available from the default view)

    3. Select Page Setup
    4. Verify/Adjust the Margins - usually Margin left is set too low like 0 or 0.17

    - it is recommended to set default values 0.75 for every margin value (this might be different according to your needs and/or printer needs)

    5. OK
    6. Restart GoldMine and verify the print out of emails again
    >> RESULT: The margins are now correct and the email printout is not truncated anymore

    Additional Notes:
    - While usually the margins values need to be adjusted, also other values should be verified, for example the Page Size and Orientation