How to obtain an upgrade license for IGoldMine 9.0 and higher

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    How to obtain an upgrade license for IGoldMine 9.0 and higher



    1 - Upgrade your iGoldMine license at: GraphOn - GO-Global License Change Request Form


    Steps to get the permanent license for your iGoldMine server:


    2. Fill out the form with the correct information for the product code (found in the current .lic file by opening it with Notepad or in your original product invoice) and email address of the IGoldMine server administrator


    Please note it can take 2 business days for this request to be processed.


    3 - On the iGoldMIne Server stop the iGoldMine or GO-Global Application Publishing Service and the iGoldMine/GO-Global Licensing Service in services.msc


    4 - Find the old .lic file usually located on the iGoldMine/GO-Global server at:


    If using GO-Global:


    C:\Program Files\GraphOn\GO-Global\Programs



    If using iGoldMine:


    C:\Program Files\FrontRange\iGoldMine\Programs


    NOTE: If using iGoldMine, it is best to upgrade to GO-Global following:


    How to update iGoldMine to GO-Global (unbranded) product.



    5 - Place new license in iGoldMine/GO-Global Program folder after removing old license.


    6 - Start iGoldMine/GO-Global Licensing Service and iGoldMine/GO-Global Application Publishing Service.