We need our iGoldMine Activation code in order to obtain a permanent license for iGoldMine.

Version 1


    We are currently using a temporary iGoldMine license for one of the following reasons (some but not limited to):

    1 - We just purchased iGoldMine and just received our activation/product code.
    2 - We were using a very old version of iGoldMine with an old activation/product code.
    3 - Our server went down and we lost our original iGoldMine *.lic file with the original activation/product code.



    1 - Once the iGoldMine Product/Activation code is received, navigate to the following page for iGoldMine licensing: http://license.graphon.com/license/FrontRange .

    2 - Select the option "Redeem a product code for a new license".
    3 - Complete all fields in the form using: 
    - Activation code also referred to as Product code in the product code field. 
    - E-Mail Address of the Administrator who will receive the permanent license on the iGoldMine Server. 
    - Host Name (machine name of iGoldMine Server). 
    - Host ID (MAC address of the primary Network Interface Card on the iGoldMine Server). 
    - Check the box agreeing to the terms of the Software License Agreement. 

    4- Click "Obtain License" button; a confirmation screen will show. 

    5 - Once the permanent license is received via the provided email address above, save the file to a network accessible location but not yet into the iGoldMine directory/folder on the iGoldMine Server. 
    6 - Open services.msc on the iGoldMine Server. 
    7 - Stop the iGoldMine Application Publishing and iGoldMine Licensing Services. 
    8 - Navigate to where iGoldMine is installed on the iGoldMine Server and find the old/temporary iGoldMine license file indicated by the file extension of .lic. 
    9 - Cut the old/temporary iGoldMine license file and paste on the server. 
    10 - Navigate to the directory/folder where the permanent iGoldMine license was saved >> copy the file >> paste into the iGoldMine\Programs folder. 
    11 - Start the iGoldMine Licensing and iGoldMine Application Publishing Services. 
    12 - Verify the new permanent iGoldMine license now functions.